Windows and Linux Virtual Servers for mission critical workloads

Start using your virtual server in 5 minutes. Choose between Windows and Linux templates or upload and store your own image at no cost.


Why choose us


Our cluster uses only latest generation hardware and automatically balances VPS between nodes for optimal performance


Scale up and down resources instantly based on your needs for almost unlimited scalability


We protect your server from any hardware problem - from a single disk failure up to multiple nodes downtime

Enterprise-grade fault-tolerance against any hardware failures

Our mission is to provide enterprise-graded architecture with a commodity cost. All your virtual servers are fault-tolerant across all nodes in KVM cluster. Key element in our infrastructure is DELL EMC enterprise shared storage: in case of a hardware failure or full physical server unavailability all your virtual machines will be automatically migrated and restarted on a new cluster nodes instantly. Several failover data links, uninterruptible power system, servers with hot-swap components and redundant power sources to a datacenter with TIER III compliance ensures data availability SLA up to 99.95%

Virtual Server Management Console

Virtual Server Management Console

Automatic deployment in 5 minutes

High-load virtual servers

High-Load Virtual Servers Guaranteed performance of compute and storage system with minimal latency will accelerate most demanding and critical applications such as ERP, CRM and enterprise-grade databases. No restrictions on data transfers allows to deploy fully functional sync and share file sharing services, VPN solutions, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), high-load sites and content portals with minimal cost In addition to a disaster avoidance on hardware level we provide additional layer of data protection. All virtual servers come with a complimentary weekly backup to a fully isolated data protection platform with a 256-bit data-at-rest encryption. Backup and restore services are provided by our support team at no additional cost.

Data availability

In addition to a disaster avoidance on hardware level we provide additional layer of data protection. Regardless of chosen service level data availability is ensures with daily backups to an fully isolated data protection platform with 256-bit encryption

KVM virtualization

Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) is fully operational physical server copy with dedicated resources and all necessary management features and configuration tools. KVM allows to install and run all common Operating Systems such as Linux, Windes, FreeBSD, Solaris. You can also upload your own ISO image and install any OS which is x86 compliant

Automatic deployment in 5 minutes
Automatic deployment in 5 minutes

Microsoft SaaS offerings

Customer portal

Customer portal

Easily manage all your servers and cloud services. Create, deploy and administer virtual and dedicated servers, IT infrastructure, manage payments and communicate with support using a convenient interface. Our billing system accepts all major payment methods and all transactions are 100% secure with PCI compliance.
5 day free trial

You can test our servers free of charge. No commitment, you can cancel anytime. Contact support to activate 5-day trial
VM backup and snapshots

Your servers are always protected - all configurations come with an automated weekly backups and support snapshots.
DDoS protection

Easily deploy DDoS protected services with up to 2 Tbps intelligent traffic filtering to ensure availability of your web services
Unmetered bandwidth

We do not charge for data transfers and traffic is unlimited. You can use your virtual servers for VPN or file collaboration services.

Create your virtual server in 5 minutes
Create your virtual server in 5 minutes