2Cloud services allows you to create an analogue of the usual organization IT infrastructure placed within our data center with unlimited number of virtual machines. Depending on safety and security requirements, virtual servers may have to the public network and Internet, or be isolated within the local area network.

Our solution provides high level of fault tolerance not only on physical layer, but also ensures application-level load balancing, allowing to minimize downtime due to potential failures of servers and operating systems, distributing load across all nodes within our cloud infrastructure cluster solution.

We pay special attention not only of our customers data security and availability, but also to performance of computing and disk subsystem. All compute nodes within our cloud infrastructure cluster solution have a high-speed network connection and connected enterprise-class All-Flash storage system, thus allowing deliver required performance regardless of type of tasks. Dynamic scalability provides flexibility, allowing to increase or reduce the resource pool on request, providing real time dynamic resource allocation, thereby enabling to provide required performance regardless the type of tasks. Dynamic scalability and flexibility, allowing on-demand to increase or reduce compute and storage resources by need, providing real time dynamic resource allocation.

In order to protect our customers data, we provide data backup service with integration ability with existing customer infrastructure or entire computing platform.

We ready to offer round the clock technical support during the whole period provid-ing services. Provision of technical support from our side are not limited to numbers of calls, and available on Russian and English languages.