Our solution is specifically designed for the small and medium-sized businesses segment, our goal is with the aim of reducing initial investments in your IT infrastructure and to provide reliable and continuous access to all services and IT resources.

2Cloud services allows you to avoid costs associated within the purchase and administration of server and network equipment, you can focus on growing their business, forgetting about the problems associated with the support of the IT infrastructure.

Our solution will allow you to use effective IT infrastructure, including business communication applications, project and file collaboration tools, and customer relationship management system, which will help you to work productively whit yore clients locally or when you on the way.

Our cloud solution for Small and Medium business is built on open source software, thereby reducing the cost of ownership or software lease expenses software.

2Cloud offer for Small and Medium business includes:

  • Installation and configuration of a web server based on Apache, with PHP and MySQL.
  • Setting up a mail server with Web interface support throe a secure connection with data encryption, automatic junk mail filtering and malicious software checking, as well ability to connect throe local versions of email clients on the mobile phones or personal computers.
  • Private and controlled only by yourself cloud storage, allowing you to store files and access them from any device, with data synchronization ability on multiple devices.
  • Weekly automatic backup with the ability to restore individual files, folders, libraries, or the entire system.
  • Basic technical support from 2Cloud engineers on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00 Central European Time, or extended 24x7 support as an option.