To provide Cloud Computing Services to our customers, we use only the top-quality proven Hardware and Software systems from leading manufacturers. During 2Cloud infrastructure developing and designing process, we’ve taken into account long-term experience of our engineers, customer requirements and market realities.

As a Cloud Virtualization Platform, we use KVM hypervisor, integrated into the Linux core, and considered the most stable and secure platform on the market. Our hardware and software virtualization platform allows getting a number of unique advantages such as:

  • Guaranteed RAM size which is exclusively allocated to a VPS;
  • The ability to use all compute performance of the processor core;
  • The ability to use any x86-64 compatible operating system and any kernel version within VPS;
  • The ability to install any operating system that supports x86 or x64 architecture;
  • Ability to upload and connect own ISO-image to your Virtual Private Server;

Servers, storage and networking equipment located in one of the most modern and reliable data center facilities in Latvia. Data Center Continuity services achieved by fully redundant power and cooling delivery, built on N+1 basis. For maximum reliability and security, all data center facilities protected around the clock and equipped with the most modern physical and network security systems, and automatic gas fire extinguishing.

Electricyty to data center is provided with two independent inputs from transformer substations. The stability of the power supply is supported by the APC uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and diesel generator sets.

Two independent optics to data center have a total throughput of up to 40 Gbps and provide reliable and continuous connection to the Internet.

Climate control systems and in-row air conditioning systems permanently monitor data center health parameters and connected to an uninterruptible power chain, ensuring the continuity at power loss of external power supply.


"2 Cloud" Ltd.

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